Economic diversification and competitiveness is the hallmark sustainability. They in turn depend on strategic investment, efficient technology use, productivity and continuous innovation.

Afrika Business and Investment Forum [AFRIBIF] is a premier business show and investment forum designed to show case investment opportunities, supporting policies and risk mitigation options in Africa. This will set the continent on the path to higher productivity and attainment of the SDGs. AFRIBIF will facilitate engagements and effective networking through a rich diversity of high-profile events, creating a platform to shape development solutions, exchange business ideas, develop partnerships and launch actions.


Create global network of development innovators and solution providers

Identify investment opportunities and risks mitigation measures

Establish a knowledge sharing platform

Meet with experts and identify options for commercial success


Promote Investment and business development in Africa.

Increase direct Investments for participating countries

Showcase the role of policy as well as research and development in promoting innovation and business success.

Underscore the role of digital technology in operational efficiency and competitiveness.

Promote diversification and SMEs.

Establish a public – private platform for developing and sharing competitiveness related knowledge.


Increase of investment stock and enhanced attainment of the SDGs

Diversification, increased GDP and productivity in Africa

Technology adoption, adaptation and increased innovation

Better integration of African businesses into GVCs

Policy inclusivity and efficient investment knowledge management in Africa.