Dr. Nicky Okoye is the founder of the NICKY OKOYE ORGANIZATION Inc based in Washington DC USA and he is also the President and CEO of the Anabel Group of Companies, which operates in Africa. Dr Okoyefounded and anchors the Entrepreneurship 1000 initiative which provides the tools and support to entrepreneurs and enterprises all across Africa to achieve valuations in excess of one billion dollars. Dr Nicky Okoye also provides strategic Nation building and business development advice and support to Nation States, conglomerates, entrepreneurs and organizations across The United States, Africa and the Caribbean.

Dr Okoye is a renowned global market strategy expert with extensive experience in global capital aggregation, international finance, global capital markets, trade and cross border investment. He has gained extensive investment experience working as a Global Investment expert advisor and Financial Consult with Merrill Lynch in the United States of America. Dr Okoye subsequently served as Chief Strategy Officer and head of derivatives of the Nigeria Stock Exchange. Nicky Okoye also founded the NSE CONSULT, a subsidiary of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, he served as its first CEO. In addition, he served as Strategy Consultant to the Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) in which a new technical basis and infrastructure was designed for the CSCS. Dr Nicky Okoye was a co-founder, director and the first Executive Officer of Transcorp Plc, Nigeria’s first attempt at building a global Unicorn, billion dollar valuation, conglomerate. He subsequently served as Transcorp’s first Group Executive Director Operations and Strategy. Dr Nicky also led the funding exercises for Transcorp raising over one billion US dollars within a 12 months period, which was then recorded as one of Nigeria’s most remarkable corporate fund-raising exercises in the history of the Nation’s capital markets. After leading NITEL’S acquisition, Dr Okoye served as CEO, NITEL was Nigeria’s telecommunications behemoth. Dr Okoye also led the acquisition side teams of a further nine privatization transactions, with valuations totaling over $12 billion. Dr Nicky Okoye has grown to become one of Africa’s most profound and respected speaker on Global CapitalStrategy, National Development Strategy,Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Business Development Strategy, Personal Development and Peak Performance.  

Nicky Okoye has a wide scientific and global market based background in formal education having studied applied microbiology, global management, finance, global capital markets, mergers & acquisition and global strategy at various institutions around the world including Harvard University’s Extension School, Harvard Business School, London Business School, Anambra State University of Science and Technology and Enugu State University of Technology etc. Dr Nicky Okoye has advised two Presidents of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in an unofficial capacity, he has also advised two Governors of the Central Bank of Nigeria and its leadership team, he continues to advise three State Governors and State Governments, as well as a number of Senate and Federal House of Representatives standing Committees in Nigeria. He currently serves on several governing boards of corporate institutions and initiatives across the World.