The survival of the global economy most importantly the Africa nations favorably depend on the technology innovations transfer, creative ideas and ability of the world class investors, ventures capitalists, researchers, relevant institute, agencies and government heads to apply relevant mechanism to each sub sectors of the economy for optimize grow of the world economic at large.

Afrika  Business and Investment Forum [AFRIBIF] is a premier business show and investment forum designed to show case every aspect of Businesses and Trades, Investment opportunities, availability of Mineral Resources and cultural values across the global market for inclusive dialogue and policy formulation on Business and Investment management and development needs in bringing together investment partners to discuss challenges, opportunities and policy solutions to meet the Sustainable Development Goals. AFRIBIF will facilitate engagements and effective networking through a rich diversity of high-profile events, creating a platform to shape development solutions, exchange ideas, develop partnerships and launch actions.

It’s an annual event targeted at providing a continental world class forum for business partnership integrations to foster importations of ideas, exhibitions of new technology innovations and sharing of knowledge for standard acceptable business practices and income generations.


  • Create global networks of Development Innovators and problem solvers
  • Identify global Investment opportunities and risks
  • Establish a knowledge sharing platform
  • Finding information needs to develop and Implement ideas
  • Come face to face with experts in the field and debate on commercial issues
  • Network with potential trade partners and Investors to manage investment
  • Discovery of available mineral resource for investment opportunities
  • Exchange of cultural Values


  • Promote global Investment and business development
  • Spotlight the evolution of world market place
  • Increase direct Investments for participating countries
  • Encourage the role of research and development of public and private entities in promoting technical research.
  • Exploring the role of Innovations in the formal and informal sectors and the possibilities of harnessing their roles.
  • Promoting the role of policy measures including financing in promoting innovation and innovation related research;
  • Promote accelerated development in all sectors of the economy.
  • To provide a platform for developing, sharing knowledge and practices appropriate for commercial issues.


To serve as a proactive portal for all the stakeholders, technical expertise and professional bodies for the sustained growth of businesses, investment opportunities of all sectors and continuously respond positively to new technologies that compliment current practices.