Prof Ken Ife is London Enterprise Ambassador and has served in many Boards and Advisory positions to Her Majesty’s Govtin UK as well as London Govt and was at one point, UK Dept for International Development (DfID) Trade Adviser to Federal Govt of Nigeria and served in many Presidential/Inter-Ministerial Committees.  He had been Lead Consultant to ECOWAS Commission on Industry & Private Sector Development;Consultant to Central Bank of Nigeria on Macro-economic Policy Advocacy Strategy; and supports many UN Agencies and Development Partners (EU, World Bank, UNDP, DfID, UNECA, FAO, GIZ  in the areas of Trade Policy, Trade Facilitation, Private Sector Development, Macro-economy and Development Policies, Investment Promotion, Export Readiness and Regional Integration.  He is also Macro-economic Policy Analyst on many National and International TV Stations