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The commencement of the implementation of AfCFTA in January 2021, marksthe reduction of Africa into a small Village with free movement of goods, persons, services and capital.

 AfCFTA also paves way for better harmonization and coordination of TradeLiberalization across the Continent. The commencement of the Negotiation of phase II of AfCFTA which comprises of Investment, Competition and Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) protocols makes it imperative for the African Business Community to have a better understanding of how to navigate not only in Trade, but also Investment, competition and IPR.


The lockdown occassioned by the advent of Covid-19 created the largesteconomic shock that the world had experienced in decades and led to a contraction of global GDP. It has also left lasting scares such as lower investments and fragmented global trade and supply linkages amongst others.

The fact that the Corona Virus keeps mutating itself into new variants has made it necessary for the world to look for new sustainable ways to navigate the business arena.

Africa, being more of an investment importing continent needs to strategize and attract more investment (domestic and foreign)

The AfCFTA if properly handled can go a long way to cushion the effect for Africa. Proper implementation of AfCFTAhowever requires amongst other things, a good understanding of both the effects of Covid-19 on the African Continent and the dynamics of AfCFTA by the African Business community.

AFRIBIF 2022 is therefore designed to highlight these issues for investment exporters worldwide and African governments and business communities, to enable them come up with simple but effective ways of navigating AfCFTA for the benefit of all.

Nigeria in its traditional role, through the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment (FMITI) in collaboration with CB Network, is leading in extending the conversation of AfCFTA implementation to core stakeholders through AFIBIF 2022.

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