Who will Participate & Why ?

Government/investment agencies represented by ministers and policy makers will:

  • Discuss  issues  related to  investment  climate  change and  policy
  • Examine  the options and implication of financing
  • Looking ahead of future in each country and developing strategic framework.

Venture capitalists/investors/financial institutions will:

  • Network with potential trade partners and investors to manage investment
  • Identify global investment opportunities  and risks
  • Come-face-to-face with  experts in the field and debate on commercial issues

National and local chamber of commerce, trade bodies and individual


  • Have  a chance to update themselves with the latest technological advances
  • Network with supplier, consumers, competitors and other stakeholders from various subsectors.
  • Seek out new business opportunities across a global platform.

Professional services and project consultants will:

  • Hear from world leading expertise present the success models master plan with case studies looking at technical, financial, logistical and marketing model.
  • Benefit from specific feature area, discussion panels and technical tours.
  • Network with investors, venture capitalist and governments looking to develop and invest in new projects

Experts, university faculty and Institutional bodies will:

  • Learn about the latest development and innovations.
  • Meet face-to-face with other experts in the fields.

Media representatives/editors/reporters/journalist will:

  • Facilitate  live coverage
  • Report latest official statements  on expo by  visionaries  leaders, industry expertise
  • Gain exclusive access to global leaders and latest analyses that create the international business news headlines.